Jerry Thundercloud Mcdonald

Committed to sharing traditional knowledge 

Jerry Thundercloud Mcdonald

Self employed and committed to sharing traditional knowledge through cross cultural studies programs and working hard to educate the public on higher standards for the preservation of the environment, {Mother Earth} water resources, air, trees, animals and land use including emersion programs that will educate the youth towards respect and appreciation for life that supports them and improved awareness and talent in singing and dancing skills, production of art, theatre performances and acting for Major Motion film projects including immersion programs that teach speakers, singers and dancers the proper protocol for Native American music and dance representation in Social , spiritual and ceremonial environments. As a hardworking Dance Instructor and singer I am well versed in instructional strategies and development exercises and I am familiar with the Mohawk_Iroquios dance styles, I am also well versed with the lakota style and well known plains pow-wow dances that revolve around the world. As a Dedicated Dance Instructor and music teacher I am always eager to work with students and educators of all skill levels helping individuals, groups and couples excel.


  • Art and music therapy
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Local arts and culture
  • Staff and educator guidance
  • Workshop and conference presentations
  • Story time, arts and crafts
  • Traditional games
  • Mentoring and guidance
  • Audio and video production {Final Cut Pro}
  • Native American [Dance style] Iroquois

Native American Song And Dance Performer, Actor

Self Employed, Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy | Onondaga Indian Nation, New York | June 1978 – Current

  • Trained, planned and executed ceremonial and Social Dance instruction, history { The Great Laws of Peace} including wampum belts by oral tradition. taught traditional songs, ceremonial protocol, speaking presentations, assisted with historical consultation, choreographed and participated in dance performances off and on Broadway in NYC, Toronto,Ottawa ,California, including Major Motion film projects with TNTs Tecumseh as Drummer,singer, dancer and instructing Pierce Brosnan in his War Dance scene in Richard Attenbourough’s {Grey Owl}. Other Movies and documentaries include Discovery Channel in {Americas First Nations} in Principle leading role as {Peace Maker} and High Steel Iron workers Documentary { SkyDancers} by Katia Esson EDUCATION AND TRAINING ACCOMPLISHMENTS

North American Indian Traveling College

N.A.I.T.C. | Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reserve, Upstate New York | June 1986 – September 2015

  • Courses in longhouse by oral tradition include researched books, audio, film documentaries and supplemental materials to use in classroom in conjunction with lesson plans and educational curriculum’s.
  • Mentored students and educators by delivering insight, positive feedback and constructive criticism in art, music and dance performances.
  • Tutored students, teachers requiring additional assistance to improve overall comprehension of difficult concepts in Iroquois history ,traditional laws of peace and tribal conflicts of interest.
  • Cross-trained new students and educators by explaining rules, procedures of music and dance protocol and ceremonial responsibilities.
  • Provided onsite training of drum and rattle workshops, dance choreography and music presentations for stage and theater productions on and off broadway, in schools, universities and Major Motion picture productions.
  • Gave informative presentations at conferences and social events to educate new clientele.
  • Attended conferences, United Nations events, including religious events with the Dali Lama, Pope John 11 and the Queen of Jordan in 1980 -2000 and performed as a singer, drummer, eagle dancer in {Drums along the Mohawk} with Lotus Music and dance in NYC to share and network further traditional knowledge.
  • Actor-Mazola Corn oil, Background-canoeing scenes, lacrosse games.
  • Olympic Torch Bearer -1980 Lake placid Winter Olympic games, Runner for Akwesasne Mohawk Nation.
  • Invitation to Sing the Friendship song for Dali Lama with Medicine man Mad Bear Anderson, special event, Boston Mass.
  • Invitation to Sing the Friendship song for Pope John 11, Midland Ontario, NAITC with Mohawk Elder Earnest Benedict, Mohawk Nation.
  • Invitation to sing at the United Nations World Forum 2000, in the presence of { The Queen of Jordan } Mohawk Singers and Dancers, Mohawk Nation, Lotus Music and dance.
  • Acting, in TNT’sTecumseh, Core group {Warriors} battle scenes, drumming and singing war dance songs with chief Hawk Pope.
  • Invitation to join The Longest walk 1978 from LA to Washington D.C. participation as a singer, walker and supporter against injustices of Native Americans
  • Lead Runner, The Longest Run in honor of Jim Thorpe 1984 Olympic games, Representative of the Six Nations relay runners from NYC to Los Angeles, 3600 mile run through 14 states organized by Dennis banks.
  • Acting, Discovery Channel, Principle role { PeaceMaker } AMERICAS FIRST NATIONS, Speaking roles, singing, drumming,dance choreorgraphy and make up and wardrobe. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  • Documentary , SkyDancers , Mohawk High steel Iron Workers, Principle, lead role, narration, singing,drumming, working the high steel as a former foreman of 9-11 Ground Zero World Trade Center attacks.
  • Acting, Major Motion film with Pierce Brosnan, Taught pierce his war dance in Richard Attenborough’s Grey Owl, Choreographed dance scenes, performed as dancer, singer, recorded the music for his scene.
  • Organized and founded The Peacemakers Drum, a traditional Mohawk singing society, trained and taught, music and dance, art, traditional wardrobe, history and travelled with a troupe of 30, performed in Woodstock 2 with Joanne Shenandoah, chief Jake Swamp.
  • Eagle Dance, A tribute to High Steel Indian Iron workers with Lotus Music and dance NYC, Inwood Park, Drums Along the Hudson, Lead Role as Eagle dancer, Singer, Dancer, assisted in wardrobe,choreorgraphy and film editing.
  • * Sang for the Dali Lama with a special Native American Delegation in Boston Massachusetts, 1978
  • * Represented the North American Indian traveling College and sang to John Pope the Second 1980 , Midland Ontario.
  • * Sang for the queen of Jordan, United Nations World Forum, 2000
  • * Ran the olympic torch for the 1980 Winter Olympic games, Lake Placid
  • * Joined the 1978 Longest walk from Los Angeles to Washington D.C.
  • * Lead runner for the Great Jim Thorpe Run from Onondaga Indian Nation to the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984
  • * Performed and sang friendships songs in Woodstock 2 with Joanne Shenandoah and Chief Jake Swamp for opening ceremonies
  • * Performed the Eagle dance Duet, {eagle Spirit} NYC, 2005-2011 with Lotus Music and dance
  • * 400 year commemoration, Netherlands-Amsterdam, various music and dance performances including a special presentation on the two row wampum belt, a belt of alliance dating back to 1609


Education and training: Lemoyne College | Syracuse, NY

Currently recording new music and over seas programs for cross cultural and educational purposes including planning anew eagle dance performance

Jerry Thundercloud Mcdonald (PDF)

Bijzondere band met Nederland

Nederland heeft ook een bijzondere historische relatie met de Mohawk. Ze zijn in 6 naties verenigd met andere buurstammen, inheemse gemeenschappen die tot voor kort nog Iroquois genoemd werden wat zoveel betekent als “slangen eters”. Een Franse benaming ooit gegeven door de Franse ontdekker en kolonie stichter Champlain die rond 1600 Nieuw-Frankrijk in Canada stichtte. Vandaag de dag hebben zij zijn eigennaam terug aangenomen in het voor een westerling moeilijk uit te spreken naam: Haudenosaunee.

Filmpje 1
De Nederlandse Consul Generaal van New York City, Rob de Vos, ontvangt de Haudenosaunee Indianen in New York City in 2013 tijdens de Indiaanse Two Row herdenking – het verbond dat de indianen 400 jaar eerder (§1613) met de Nederlanders sloten. Hij eert het verbond, en bedankt hen voor de geboden hulp. Deze maakte het mogelijk de Nederlandse kolonie in Noord Amerika, Nieuw Nederland (in 1614) en diverse handelsposten te stichten. De handelsposten dienden om bont met de indianen te verhandelen. Een van die handelsposten was Fort Nieuw Amsterdam, het huidige New York City op het eiland Manhattan. Dit gebied werd in bruikleen gegeven en niet zoals menigeen denkt ‘gekocht’  voor een paar kraaltjes en spiegeltjes.

Filmpje 2
Een korte reportage over de Two Row Wampum Belt Campagne met uitleg over de campagne en de herdenking van het verbond tussen de Noord Amerikaanse Indianen in de Hudson Vallei, en de Nederlandse kooplieden. 1613 was een historische moment. Een verbond met de indianen stelde Nederland in staat stelde een kolonie te vestigen in Noord Amerika tussen Nieuw Engeland en Nieuw Francia. De kolonie werd Nieuw Nederland genoemd. Mede dankzij het verbond kon de Nederlandse  Legacy in Noord Amerika doorbloeien ook na de vijandige Engelse overname van Nieuw Nederland in 1664.  Met de basis heeft Nederland een unieke relatie met Amerika tot vandaag de dag.

Is uw belangstelling gewekt, dan vindt u meer informatie in onderstaande bijlagen